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2018 Plastic Surgery Trends to Watch for

Each year in the world of plastic surgery we can look back at the many procedures that thousands of individuals underwent cosmetically to increase their appearance and life quality. We can use this analysis to discover trends. In 2017, the trending cosmetic surgery, unsurprisingly, was lip augmentation. Plumping up the lips was made nationally popular by celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who showed that you could go from thin to plump in a safe, effective way.


We can not only look back to find trending surgeries from years past, but can also use past data to determine what types of surgeries may be trending for the future. It is this type of analysis that brings us the three trending surgeries to look for in 2018.


Eye Fillers

Now right off the bat let’s make sure we understand the term, because I am not talking about injecting any type of filler in the eyeballs themselves. That would be insane. However, with the popularity of lip fillers we can most definitely expect that trend to continue into 2018, this time around the eyes in order to better shape the eye area.


In the past, surgeons have removed fat from around the eyes to minimize the appearance of those pesky bags that we all dislike. In the case of fillers, we can combat the loss of volume that we experience around our eyes as we age. This leads to a fuller, more youthful look around the eyes, which of course translates to the rest of our face.



Labiaplasty is the process of reshaping the labia. This is generally done for one of two reasons: comfort or confidence. Regardless of the reasoning, this surgery rose by 23% in 2016, and has gradually increased throughout the past year. Women are becoming more confident and more willing to undergo treatment to better themselves without worrying about any sort of stigma set upon them by society. Because of this, we can certainly expect 2018 to bring a fair share of labiaplasty patients to their surgeons for this procedure.


Laser Bra Lift

If we’re talking popular plastic surgeries, no list is complete without some type of mention of popular breast procedures. In the early 2000s we saw multitudes of women undergoing breast augmentation procedures, as increase in breast size was constantly trending as women sought to use the procedure to increase confidence.


With many women, including celebrities, having chosen to undergo breast reduction surgeries over the last few years, it seems that smaller breasts may be more of a trending preference nowadays. Due to that, we’re looking at the trend of the laser bra lift emerging this year.



Dr. Dana Coberly: Plastic Surgery Tampa FL and Med Spa 


A Laser Bra lift is a laser-assisted breast reduction surgery that excludes the use of a scalpel to the breasts, making the idea very popular to women who worry about scarring during surgery. This surgery leads to a perky look while leaving the skin intact with it’s C02 laser, essentially creating an internal bra through the laser’s effect on the breast tissue.