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Welcome to

Welcome to the Cardiology Encyclopedia

Imagine a world in which every single doctor on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human cardiology knowledge. That’s what we’re doing. (Modified from Jimmy Wales quote)

Cardiopedia.NET is an online textbook of Cardiology that is freely accessible and any medical professional can contribute to the website and changes are supervised by physicians and cardiologists.

The Cardiopedia Project is a worldwide collaborative project to develop a comprehensive, best-researched resource for the cardiology community and to evolve a new model for sharing and advancing cardiology knowledge. Just register and start contributing to the fastest growing collaborative cardiology encyclopedia around. It is a great way to consolidate cardiology knowledge, while simultaneously adding to a growing resource that you and your colleagues will be able to use for years to come.

Users of the Cardiopedia project include cardiologists, physicians, medical students, medical journals, medical schools, research institutes, medical associations, hospitals, etc.

As Cardiopedia grows over the next few years, it will become a repository of up-to-date unbiased cardiology related information, contributed and maintained by medical professionals around the world, and freely available to everyone. The information in this project will be easy to discover and navigate, and the technology platform will expand as the community invents more uses for it.

Our mission
To develop the most up to date, comprehensive and best-researched online cardiology encyclopedia which is freely accessible by anyone from around the world.

All content (except where otherwise stated) is licensed under creative commons which allows for non-commercial use while maintaining attribution privileges for contributors of images.

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